02 April 2014


The month of March was highly successful for this young performer. For one, I got to play my dream role in a professional, non-union production of Les Misérables. (Hint: I stole some bread, became the mayor, adopted a daughter....) For another, I got signed by an agent for theatre (and potentially commercial and film/t.v.). My doo-wop group The Flashbacks has been slowly picking up little gigs here and there. And, generally, I feel pretty good about life, which hadn't been the case for a while.

The marriage that brought me to Los Angeles is no more. (Such a cliché!) There was a period of time where I wondered what I was even doing here, why I'd left a nice position in New York (the "center of the universe", according to Rent) to be thirsty in this desert. Last month showed me the what and the why.

"Happiness is a fleeting thing, Charlie Brown." So... hang onto it as long as you can. Happy spring.

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