17 August 2013

Positive vibes

If you put positive vibes out there, positive vibes will come back. It's simple arithmetic. It's addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, though division is not what you seek; it's the opposite. Numbers shrink, throw larger numbers out there. Make them big and bold, in block print and large capitals. If you want FIVE, then put out TEN. It's the only way.

15 August 2013


When I think of everything that's happened in these past two years, I'm totally overwhelmed by how much there is: getting married, moving cross-country, visiting four countries, finding and losing work, forming a music group and a writing partnership, maintaining friendships and finding new ones. To think we've been through all that and now this is where we stand is incredible. This is what living life is about.

Travis Leland and I are rewriting our musical Lady Sunshine soon, and we hope to have a reading or workshop in L.A. to follow up on our successful readings on Long Island and in NYC. It's sort of a tragic story, in a way, and I find myself looking at the material in a whole new light given my recent experiences. Maybe that's what makes me able to retool it effectively.

I was musing on Twitter last night that sometimes I feel like a teenager, filled with angst or something. The response I got was that artists are like that. We drink, we float, we suffer, we medicate. We become an amplified version of the world we live in. And yet, we must persevere on some level; how else do we go on living?