31 August 2012

A list

Since a year ago today, I have...

  • Moved from New York to California.
  • Assistant directed, stage managed, and composed incidental music for a world premiere in Hollywood.
  • Written scores for three children's shows.
  • Formed a doo-wop group.
  • Acted in two shows.
  • Voiced the main character in an animated short film.
  • Co-produced a show.
  • Done background work for a feature film and a television promotion.
  • Written scores for a short film and a web series.
  • Celebrated my one year anniversary.
  • Music directed at a theatre camp.
  • Sung with a chorale.
  • Applied for a bunch of jobs.
  • Auditioned for a bunch of people.
  • Gone to Disneyland and Universal Studios more than once.
  • Met some great people.
  • Visited New York twice.
  • Used my passport for the first time.
  • Lived.

1 comment:

  1. <3 had you posted this a few days ago instead, it could have included "get married" which somehow sounds more exciting than a first anniversary...