01 March 2012

Fun with Musical Mnemonics

Everyone who has ever taken a music class probably remembers the following: In treble clef, the lines are Every Good Boy Does Fine, and the spaces spell F-A-C-E. In bass clef, the lines are Great Big Dogs Fight Animals, and the spaces are All Cows Eat Grass. As one ventures further into the realm of music-making, one discovers a new clef; a clef that takes the guise of several different note arrangements, depending on where it is placed on the staff. It's this funky guy right here:

The C-Clef

If it's centered around the middle line, it's known as an alto clef. If it's around the second line down, it's called a tenor clef. Fun, right? To my knowledge, after much searching, there are no standard mnemonics for these clefs. Therefore, invent!

For alto clef, I suggest you Forget Alto Clef Ever Got made. (That's the lines.) If that ticks the altos off, just remember that Girls of Beauty Delight in Flowers make up the spaces between.

In regards to the tenor, look at his lines and remark about his Dashing F-A-C-E. You can also remind him that Elegant Guys Bathe Daily are the spaces. (Those tenors!)

Have something better than my poor attempts? Do tell!

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