16 February 2012

Something new

As I will be turning The Jolly Bard into an online literary "zine," this will now be the home of my personal ramblings, musings, and bemusements, should anyone else find them interesting.

What I'm hoping to do with The Jolly Bard is twofold. One, I will begin accepting submissions within the next month. These will be mostly fiction, some poetry, and a few non-fiction pieces that fit into the storytelling motif (in other words, no reviews or op-ed pieces). Over the year, I hope to publish something new and interesting frequently, maybe daily, which will lead to the second goal, The Jolly Bard's Best of 20xx. This will be an annual publication in book or magazine form (and corresponding e- form) putting together the most read stories and poems from the entire year.

That is, at least, the plan for now. Stay tuned...

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